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مواضيع الكتب

Meaningful products based on the Bible

AYAT is a member of Bible Society group and have a big variety of Christian products for all occasions. We have also our AYAT brand for Jewelry and more than 200 products are already online and much more will be added soon. AYAT is the distributor for many brands from USA like LCP gifts, Kerusso, Christian Art Gifts, Divinity. More than 6000 inspirational items are available on our website from multiple categories (Bible - Book - Jewelry - Home Decor - Apparel - Stationary - Gadget). We offer express shipping with DHL express and Local post. Payment can be cash on delivery within Lebanon and via PayPal or Credit Card.

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  • رحلة النّجاح للكاتب @hikmatkashouh لا شيء لديه القدرة على تغيير العالم من حولك، مثل الحياة التي تحياها! 🛒 Paper version 👉 ayatonline.com/success 📲 Wtsp order 👉 71570669 🛍 Le Mall Dbayeh - City Mall Dora - Bourj Hammoud
  • ملجأ من العاصفة تأملات يوميّة من الكتاب المقدس ليملأ قلبك بالرّجاء لغد أفضل. 🛒 ayatonline.com/7594 🇱🇧 Local delivery in 2 days 🛍 Le Mall Dbayeh - City Mall Dora - Bourj Hammoud
  • "It is more blessed to give than to receive." Acts 20:35 Do you want a gift for your DAD and can't afford it? We are giving away 300 genuine leather bracelets from today till June 21st. NB: It’s for your Dad not for you😉, we will trust you anyway! 💢 Pass by @lemall_lb or @citymall_lebanon. 1st come 1st served
  • Celebrate your memorable occasions with Biblical souvenirs! 🛡️ Stainless Steel & proudly made in Lebanon 🇱🇧 🛍 Le Mall Dbayeh - City Mall Dora - Bourj Hammoud 🛒 Prices/Online order 👉 ayatonline.com/hdst 📲 Wtsp order 👉 71570669
  • For Father's Day this year try something new! Offer your Dad a meaningful gift from @ayatonline and refresh his soul. 🛍 @lemall_lb - @citymall_lebanon - Bourj Hammoud 📲 Wtsp order 👉 71570669 🛒 Father collection/Prices 👉 ayatonline.com/father
  • Despite what I am feeling, I will always declare: " It is well with my soul " 🛍 Le Mall Dbayeh - City Mall Dora - Bourj Hammoud 📲 Wtsp order 👉 71570669 🛒 Prices/Online order 👉 ayatonline.com/well #itiswellwithmysoul
  • I am a Child of God (John 1:12) Je suis l'enfant de Dieu (Jean 1:12) Available in 3 sizes: 10 - 15 - 20 cm. 🛍 Le Mall Dbayeh - City Mall Dora - Bourj Hammoud 📲 Wtsp order 👉 71570669 🛒 Prices/Online order 👉 ayatonline.com/hdst
  • Through these two phrases we are constantly reminded to be Christ-like, and that God is greater than all the obstacles we are facing right now. 🛍 Le Mall Dbayeh - City Mall Dora - Bourj Hammoud 📲 Wtsp order 👉 71570669 🛒 Prices/Online order ayatonline.com/hdst
  • Online shopping is always a good experience but meeting you in person is much better! Our Branches at @lemall_lb & @citymall_lebanon welcome you again to browse our products full of verses from the Bible, the main source of hope we need to conquer all our challenges.
  • Coloring is said to reduce stress! How much more if the coloring pages are hiding beautiful scriptures from God's word? Our collection of coloring books for adults and children is a great way to pray and meditate. 📲 Wtsp order within 🇱🇧 👉 71570669 🛒 Prices/Online order ayatonline.com/coloring
  • When all our sources of security and safety go down⬇️, God's word will always be there to lift us up⬆️. You only need 5 minutes everyday to read the daily devotion that will draw you closer to God, our only strong fortress. 🌍 We deliver from 🇱🇧 to anywhere at best rates in 2-5 days. 🛒 ayatonline.com/devotional #dailydevotional #christiangifts
  • Decorated water bottle with artistic scripture inspiration, premium double walled stainless steel, vacuum sealed bottle. ❄️ Keeps water cold for 24 Hours! 🌍 We deliver to anywhere at best rates in 2-5 days 🛒 ayatonline.com/wb #meaningfulgifts #importedfromusa🇺🇸
  • في وسط كلّ العواصف التي تستجدّ من حولنا، وحدها كلمة الله قادرة أن تشجّعنا وتعزّينا وتعطينا الرّجاء لغدٍ أفضل "ملجأ من العاصفة" هو أوّل كتاب من إصدار AYAT مترجم من اللّغة الانجليزية، يخبّئ في صفحاته تأمّلات يوميّة مشجّعة طيلة 366 يوم، تساعدنا على إيجاد الملجأ الأكثر أماناً من كلّ العواصف الهوجاء في حياتنا، يسوع المسيح ابن الله الحيّ. 🌍 Worldwide delivery with DHL starting $12 🇱🇧 Local delivery 6000 LBP 🛒 ayatonline.com/7594