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Bible Society - Lebanon

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ISBN: 9782375590171

A father has two sons. The first turns his back on him to pursue his dream of adventure and freedom. The second son quietly stays at home. But when the dream turns into a nightmare, what will the first son do? And which is ultimately the more lost of the two?

In this deceptively simple story, Jesus gets to the heart of what it means to be lost and found by God. And it's a story full of surprises. You will be surprised by the father, surprised by the sons and surprised by what this story tells us about our own hearts.

And then there is the biggest surprise of all…
A truly breathtaking surprise!

In this short and accessible book, the author breaks down the well-known (but not always well understood) story of the prodigal son to present to adolescents the heart of the gospel message: Jesus welcomes sinners! A lively and powerful rewriting of this parable told by Jesus in Luke 15.

Book recommended by :
the High School Bible Groups (Laetitia Bardina),
Alpha Jeunes and Alpha Campus (Pascaline St Georges),
and the Chemin Neuf Jeunes (Father Mustapha Amari)

100 pages, 12.8 x 17.8 cm
Data sheet
Children Age7 to 12 years
Head Office StockYes
City Mall Dora StockYes

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