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Creflo A. Dollar

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ISBN: 9780446698412

For more than eighteen years I have repeatedly studied the subject of righteousness, and I am still amazed by it. Each time I thought I fully understood righteousness I would uncover deeper layers of revelation knowledge, which forced me to admit I had much more to learn.

It is much deeper than we think.

Our righteousness in Christ is the centerpiece on which Christian faith is built. Everything God's Word promises us hangs on it, and the entire structure of our salvation is built upon it. If we are going to walk in the joy of our salvation and the power of the promises we have in Him, we must understand our righteousness in Christ.

When Christians hear the word righteous, nearly all of us think we understand what it means. The biggest part of the problem is that very few understand. We only think we do. Often, our religious traditions have distorted our understanding of righteousness. Consequently, the authority that God intended for us to have has been rendered totally ineffective.

This means some of our religious traditions have to die. That's okay. The truth is, many of us have been at the mercy of inaccurate scriptural translations injected with personal theologies. We've been victims of a "Well, that's the way we've always done it" kind of thinking. The watered - down traditions that have resulted have seduced many into a powerless, ineffective form of religious thinking instead of the vital, dynamic faith that really can move mountains.

Think about it. If traditions and religious thinking have all the answers, then why are so many of us living broke, disgusted, and defeated lives? Why are our kids still plagued with drugs? Why are debts still overwhelming to so many of us? Why are so many people still dying of cancer?

The raw truth, for so many people, is that nothing is working. Why? Because something is missing. A major part of the equation is simply not there; that is, a proper understanding of our righteousness in Christ.

This book was written to help God's righteousness become real in your life. In fact, I want it to be so real that Satan loses his grip on you. I want you to experience the life and power God intends for you to have through the gift of righteousness. If you attain an unshakable confidence in the righteousness of God, then this book will have achieved its purpose and the righteousness of God will make a mark in your life that cannot be erased!

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