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Lisa Bevere - ليزا بيفير

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ISBN: 9780446577595

Nurture (verb) 1. To give tender care and protection. 2. To encourage to grow, develop, thrive and be successful.

This beautifully describes what God's daughters so desperately need. In this heartfelt work, Lisa explains how women of all ages must awaken and restore their capacity to give and receive nurture.

The need for this indelible life force is far more urgent than we know. Is it possible we are too busy surviving to assure that the vulnerable among us thrive? Are we too guarded, wounded, and afraid to open our lives to the nurture of others? What can be done to establish this language of the feminine heart? It is time women are healed and empowered.

If you have never experienced nurture, this is your season. Lisa's stirring message shows you how to make these vital heart connections. We need each other's comfort and assurance as we define ourselves, find our voice, and begin to fulfill God's purpose on Earth.

In Lisa's own words: "There's a resonance in my spirit . . . this is in fact our season to grow, develop, and thrive. Heaven is passionately and purposefully reconnecting with our wounded, war-torn earth and its inhabitants. In this process I believe the daughters of God will prove integral agents. The world needs its women. Nurture is not expensive?it is expansive. The life of everyone enlarges when it is added. As this happens we will cease to merely function, we will indeed flourish."

Is mothering becoming a lost art? Concerned that it is, Bevere calls on this generation of godly women to help guide, shape, and nurture the next. Go beyond mere mentoring - often narrowly focused on life or career skills - and discover how to invest encouragement, unconditional love, and biblical truth in the hurting and lonely around you. Hardcover.

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