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Dar Manhal Al Hayat منهل الحياة

Rupen Das & Julie Davidson

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ISBN: 9789953530369

Publishing Date: 2011
Volume: 23h x 15w x 1.8t cm
Page Count: 493

Although Lebanon is classified as a middle-income country, poverty remains a predominant challenge and is manifested in various ways. Going beyond the mere analysis of poverty from an income perspective, this unique study succeeded in drawing the various typologies of poverty in Lebanon, distinguishing between the rural and urban settings, Lebanese and non-Lebanese citizens. Increased inequalities and disparities may lead to negative social, economic, and political consequences that may have a destabilizing impact on societies. Consequently, the findings of the report reconfirm the urgency for appropriate socioeconomic policies, strategies, and programs that respond to the needs of vulnerable groups, especially those who are challenged by tenure insecurity and poor housing conditions in informal urban areas.
Dania Rifai, UN-Habitat Lebanon, Programme Manager

This is a timely contribution to the literature on poverty in Lebanon. Poverty research, and the subject of poverty itself, are fairly recent in Lebanon and date back to late 1990s, an indicator of the hitherto paradigm that poverty is nonexistent in the country. Here, this volume shows the wide spectrum of those marginalized in Lebanon, groups that are unheard of or often seen as someone else's malaise. By voicing the voices of those on the margins of the margin, this book brings us closer to the reality of the poor of Lebanon. Policymakers and development practitioners should read this book ? and open their ears.
Nasser Yassin, PhD, Development Planning Specialist and Professor at the Faculty of Health Sciences, American University of Beirut

This book is an honest and objective, yet appealing, account of both Lebanon and the Palestinians living in Lebanon. The detailed facts and descriptions are an insightful representation of the historical situation, which has build up to create the difficulties that the refugees face today. This book is not only enjoyable to read, but also allows the reader to visualize the human dimensions of poverty and marginalization facing the Palestinian population today.
Olfat Mahmoud, Director, Women's Humanitarian Organization

This report represents important and innovative work to understand the root causes of poverty in Lebanon. Interviews with over 400 men and women, girls and boys, lends real authenticity to the findings that Lebanon has a profound poverty issue. Understanding the causes of this poverty is the first step in finding a solution, which will enable all children in Lebanon to achieve their full potential ?
Conny Lenneberg, Regional Leader, World Vision International, Middle East & Eastern Europe

Rupen Das is director for community development with LSESD and senior advisor capacity building, international programs for CBM.

Julie Davidson is a development practioner and researcher based in Beirut.

Niamh Fleming-Farrell is a writer and editor based in Beirut.

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